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Dance Mix for Your Next Angst Party

Nuzrat Fateh Ali Khan

Take my life!

The ghazal is a mystic poem of despair,, a plea from the Lover to the Beloved, expressed in sensous romantic terms. They’re a big part of Persian-based Chisti Sufism. I sincerely hope you never feel so bad.


The Lover meets his Beloved and instantly loses his heart. She entices and seduces him, but then withdraws, leaving the Lover in dsepair.



Nothing says angst like a ghazal

And no one sings a ghazal better than Nuzrat Fateh Ali Khan. When Mell Gibson  movies start to heap on the torture and despair, suddenly the soundtrack turns to the Voice of Pain himself. 


Best part is that his albums always list the performers as “Nuzrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party”... as if he gets together with his buddies on a Saturday night to wallow in despair.. 

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