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Book of Days


Let me hear you lie just a little


Darling, I know I’m just

Another head on your pillow
If only just tonight, girl
Let me hear you lie just a little


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Why did I think the Doobie Brothers were a pathetic excuse for a band?

 The audacity a pop song without a single rhyme!

The complexity of the lyrics, and the total unexpected twists of the tune. Nobody sells this crap better than Michael McDonald.  “...You say comfort me to anyone who approaches...” Tell me that isn’t fun.


How to share links on Facebook without visiting Facebook



You don’t need to be on Facebook to post links to Facebook.


Don’t you know this? 

I thought everybody knew this.

Here’s how it’s done: Visit


This Page


The graphic explains it all — you drag a bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar.


Now you’re all set to share links without opening facebook.  

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“You call this healing?”



(my wonderful one) just sent me a strange email.


You call this healing?

First you tell me not to look back, then
you make me cry my heart out.
What kind of therapy is this?


It sounds like a ghazal to me, but she says it’s the caption of a Doktor Insekt cartoon. 

I’m getting all Tim Gunn-y. 

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