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David Wilcox’s Occupy Anthem


The Occupy movement does have a message, it seems to me: 

Do Something. 

Our will and hope and treasure ó Taken by fraud and coercion. And they will go on taking until we stop them. Until we take back from them what they have stolen from us.


Do something. 

Change your mind. TP the White House. Grope John Boehner in the silent halls of Congress.

Maybe write a song. That’s what David did. 


David’s song: 


Problems hearig the song? It’s big ó give it a few seconds to load. If you still have problems you can try this link

Do you know David? 

David Wilcox is a singer, songwriter, and astonishing guitarist with a big heart and a goofy laugh. He writes songs so poignant they will make you weep. Also ones that just are fun. He’s a guitarist’s guitarist, and a ridiculously hard-working creative force.


We became friends before I knew he was famous. It’s still strange to me to be buddies with a guy who has groupies. You can check out his website and music here

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