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Amy Weaver Design in San Francisco


It’s been a delightful new education: While creating a website for Amy Weaver, an award-winning San Francisco interior designer, I ‘ve learned a lot about high-end interior design and the new generation of people living San Francisco.


If you’ve cashed out your unicorn options, given up your rabbit-warren dorm room, and you’ve just bought a multimillion-dollar Nob Hill condo, what comes next? Hiring a very high-end designer to fix it up for you.


This is where Amy Weaver comes in. You see, you know what expensive taste looks like when it’s done right you’ve been to the Hearst Castle or Biltmore Estate. What you don’t know is how to manifest it. And Amy does.


The Rich Are Not Like You and Me

See what rich taste looks like: See Amy Weaver’s “Town Projects” and then come back.


For one thing, they buy new.

For another, they have a ‘classic’ color palette. You won’t find dayglo purple on those walls.


If you’re in the 1% now and want to look like you belong, it’s black and white with gold highlights.


Big splashes of color come from expensive paintings.


No TVs, if you please.


Also, you need an eye for detail.


You don’t have one, you say? Don’t worry.

Amy Weaver is here for you, and her eye for detail is astonishing.


She’ll even find a way to include the stuff you love into the new rich mix, and make it look gorgeous.


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